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Daily Cupcakes - April 26th, 2011




The Vancouver Sun talks about what will happen to the Canuck players if they lose Game  Seven. there is also a quote from a guy Avs fans know and love.

"I won many Game 7s in the street," Colorado Avalanche coach Bob Hartley said on the eve of the Cup finale in 2001. "I was Ken Dryden, most of the time. I had a mask exactly like him, and when I was a forward, I was scoring goals like Guy Lafleur — inside posts, all the time, coming off the wing. I even remember we had a tape recorder and we had that (Hockey Night in Canada theme) song at the start."

And just like that, in front of the cameras and microphones, he began to sing the opening of the song: "Da-duh-da-duh-da-daaaa!"


Nabokov? Would you want to see him in Avs gear?

LeBrun suggested this is a showcase move: If Nabokov plays well in the tournament his value will improve. If the Islanders opt to shop him on the trade market this summer, he won't have to pass through waivers as he would have in-season.

Nabokov's contract makes him a real bargain for clubs seeking an experienced, affordable starting goaltender next season. Perhaps the Colorado Avalanche, who've been keeping payroll as close to the cap minimum as possible, would consider making a pitch.


Sounds like the tournament is fun, and sounds like the players are having fun too.And in the first game Chris Stewart became the hero.

Canada, attempting to recoup some national pride after the national team's humiliating performance in the IIHF world championship last year, overcame an aggressive underdog French team and its boisterous fans 3-2 in a pretournament game victory on Sunday.

St. Louis Blues winger Chris Stewart scored the winner on a power play late in the third period as Canada tuned up in the first of two games before the opening matchup of the world championship in Slovakia on Friday.