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Daily Cupcakes- April 27th, 2011


The Canucks have had highs and lows in their playoff runs in the past.... one involved the Avalanche

April 2001: Canucks return to playoffs for first time in four years. Lose Western Conference quarter-finals in four games to Colorado Avalanche.

I found a tidbit of what Kyle Quincey will be doing this summer. Going to New Zealand.

The games will attract an estimated 25,000 spectators to witness special effects with the tour being lead by Colorado Avalanche defender Kyle Quincey. Kyle has played more than 500 games in the NHL and is considered one of the best in the business.

And the Monsters are out of the playoffs.

Jonas Holos had the only goal for Lake Erie.

Eddie Lack made 32 saves for Manitoba while John Grahame stopped 14 shots for Lake Erie.

Holos opened the scoring at 19:02 of the first period on Lake Erie's 15th shot of the game. Holos fired a wrist shot from long range that Lack couldn't see through a crowd of players.