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Daily Cupcakes- April 28th, 2011


As a total and complete random thought , anyone else notice that on yesterday's Cupcakes Sidebar there was a story from NurseBeachie ( ;) ) for a certain someone (okay me) with a picture of Quincey. Yeah, I remember those days. I really hope that Kyle Quincey can re-become the Bad Ass that he once was.

It's that time of year folks, the Avalanche stories are getting a little slim, in fact, yesterday's Cupcakes are the second item on Google news if you search Colorado Avalanche. I will do my best, for you fine folk.

Forbes has a blog entry about our beloved Stan Kroenke and how he may not be the only big shot when it comes to owning sports teams soon.

Kroenke, 63, is the biggest dog on the pro sports ownership scene these days. He became the majority owner of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams last summer. He owns the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets and MLS’s Colorado Rapids. He owns the English Premier League team, Arsenal. No one has a pro sports cupboard that even comes close to his. (Dude just needs a baseball team…Hello, Dodgers?)

Joey Hishon's team is heading further into the playoffs by annihilating the opposition 10-4.

It's very exciting for the community," Owen Sound coach Mark Reeds said after the game. "We're all very elated. The players have really bought in this year and we’ve worked very hard."

Michael Halmo and Andrew Shaw each had two goals for the Attack, while Joey Hishon, Garrett Wilson and Jarrod Maidens also scored.

NHL Alumni are teaming up with researchers to do studies involving brain injuries.

The aim is to identify risk factors linked to cognitive decline and mental health changes as the players age.

Retired players will undergo testing to determine baseline mental status, lifestyle habits such as substance abuse, chronic health conditions and a detailed concussion history.