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Chicks and their Polls: The Best of Round 1

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If you haven't been watching the playoffs thus far, you're really missing out. There's a general consensus out there that this has been the most exciting first round Stanley has seen in a long time. Yesterday's game between Boston and Montreal continued the streak of 9 straight days with games going into OT. 4 series went to 7 games, and another 2 went to 6. Only one ended in a sweep. Despite numerous threats across both conferences, however, only one lower-seeded team made it to the second round. The goaltending was unbelievable, and the hits and goals pumped the adrenaline. Multiple suspensions were handed out, and many, to the dismay of fans and critics, were not. The tin foil hats were out en masse in Vancouver, which pissed off the league a bit. Heroes were born. The mighty were felled. And, to the delight of Bettman, history was made.

So with all this excitement, making the NHL playoffs more entertaining to the casual fan than the NBA has been this year, a question comes to mind: which series do you think was the creme de la creme of the first round?