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Daily Cupcakes: April 6th, 2011

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Here is a recap of last night's contest.

The clubs combined for 26 penalties for 132 penalty minutes.

For those who haven't seen the update on Kurt Sauer, it's not looking too good.

His family wants him back in hockey. Before every dinner, Kruz prays that Sauer will play for the Coyotes again and that he will become a better hockey player.

"They know that's where he should be," Carmen said. "They know he shouldn't be in pain, laying in bed in the morning or have to take a nap or say sorry because I can't play floor hockey with you right now, because I'm not feeling good."

Ottawa is mighty interested in who the Oilers and Avalanche want to pick in the draft.

Edmonton has already assured itself of last place and will likely pick first overall. They’ll have to choose between a slick centre in Ryan-Nugent Hopkins and a top-flight defenceman in Adam Larsson of Sweden. The Colorado Avalanche, if they were second, would likely take whomever Edmonton doesn’t take, but there’s a chance they could go with centre Gabriel Landeskog of the Kitchener Rangers.

A Colorado prospect, Brad Malone is doing well. He has family that played for the Nords too.

Miramichi's Brad Malone and the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux are two wins away from winning the NCAA men's hockey championship.