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We have a winner!

Back on September 1st we opened our first ever "predict and win contest" where you, the readers, made predictions about specific results for the Avs' season. Whoever's fortune-telling prowess proved most accurate would be crowned the victorious winner of everything for all time.

The items to predict were:

  1. Avs' final point total
  2. What round (if any) of the playoffs would the Avs get to
  3. Final conference standing at end of regular season
  4. Starts for Budaj

The Grand Prize is a $25 gift certificate to the MHH store, a front page article celebrating the winner, bragging rights, and the Arby's sandwich of your choice punched by Mike.

The season isn't technically over, but we've tallied the numbers and we have a winner. It was a VERY CLOSE battle as it came down to two finalists who made the exact same prediction down to the last tie breaker: starts for Boods.

And winner is......

Dan Winkler, claim your prize!

1st place: Dan Winkler

2nd place: Smoky 201

3rd place: Don Balls

4th place: Dixomatic

5th place: Slam Dunk The Funk

6th place: Shikemania

7th place: Mike

8th place: Jibbles

9th place: Wickediz

10th place: Spezzal Teams Playa

Honorable Mention goes to "An Unmitigated Disaster" for predicting the Avs to total 164 points, win the Stanley Cup, and have Budaj start all the games. We all wish you were right (especially Boods).

If you'd like to revisit the original post to jeer or laugh at each other's overly optimistic predictions, click here. Personally, I'm disappointed that no one took the Price is Right approach and under bid everyone with $1 - or in the Avalanche's case, 60 points.

Behind the numbers: The soothsaying maestro that is Dan Winkler predicted the the Avs would finish with 83 points, miss the playoffs, settle in at 13th place in conference, and Budaj would start 22 games. Smoky 201 had all the same predictions except for Budaj starts. Smoky guessed 19. Dan said 22. Budaj has started 37 games with 3 games remaining in this disglorious season, so Dan wins by a slim strand of Mike Ricci hair.

Dan, the big boss, Mr. DDC himself, will be in touch with you about claiming your "cash" prize. If you don't hear from him, just shoot him an email via his profile. I will contact you about your celebratory front page article. And you and Mike can work out the sandwich thing, but we want pictures. PS - We may be able to switch your MHH store credit for something you actually would want, like a Craig Anderson Chia Pet.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS DAN! - but tell us: why do you hate the Avalanche?