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Daily cupcakes April 8th, 2011


A recap of the game and what it means for Dallas.

Dallas drew back to within two points of Chicago and Anaheim in the Western Conference playoff race and again climbed into ninth place after knocking off the Colorado Avalanche 4-2 in Dallas tonight

A little article about the Monsters.

Always one to speak his mind, David Van der Gulik was posed a simple question Wednesday morning just before his pre-game nap.

Did the Abbotsford product harbour any thoughts of revenge against the Abbotsford Heat, his former team that stands on the brink of elimination?

An update on some Nords

But retired sniper Michel Goulet has his own personal reason to hope for the Nordiques’ return. He still plays alumni games for the Nords, and the old-timers are kind of running out of players.

"It’s kind of difficult because we’ve been gone (from Quebec) for 16 years," says Goulet, now a scout for the Calgary Flames. "It’s hard to get people. We’ve been the same group forever. We need some younger players."

And Sher-wood will no longer be made in Canada

Sher-Wood, the legendary Quebec maker of hockey equipment, is moving what remains of its stick production to Asia.