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A tale of woe: battle 81 = defeat 44

The mist settled heavily upon our weary warriors, like Thor's head to his pillow, as the Avalanche marched upon the battle front this eve. Yea, it had been a dark and bitter half-fortnight since our heroes last laid wage against an enemy and secured a victorious outcome. And during this time of woe and lament, many of the long-standing veterans of this war fell prey to the wake of this merciless season of loss. Liles, of the Hot Pocket clan, set a new high for himself with 40 assist kills, but alas, he too has fallen. Son of Stastny succumbed to the onslaught and was lost to a leg wound. Even the Mighty Johnson went limp. A few tried and true friends still remain however, including The Duke, Dutchie the Sublime, and the Good Doctor (who returned from near death just this morn). These three stalwarts assembled themselves with a company of cherubic faced youngsters and minor league castaways, to battle, for the second night in as many, the desperate Stars of Dallas. Our heroes battle only for pride. The enemy, for a chance to prolong their demise. With such weighty consequences hanging in the balance, our battle takes shape.

Nearly 11 minutes into the fray, the Stars held the edge in shots 8-1, the momentum clearly on their side. On their 9th attempt, the coveted puck of black careened off Mike Ribeiro and past the keeper of nets, Peter (the Decent) Budaj. Stars strike first blood! Damn the anguish that fills my soul and taunts me so cruely! However, this early blow seemed to awaken our heroes as they quickly tilted the ice in their favor, drawing a man advantage situation. The opportunity proved fruitless however as the men of Colorado did not achieve a single shot against their foe during the improperly titled play of power. The ineptitude for our Burgundy and Blue continued as they subsequently were caught with too many men. Shots 11-2 after the first. The pain of incompetence stings my loins!

The Dutchie is questioned during intermission by Kyle the Keefe and just looks completely TIRED in every imaginable way.

On to the glorious second period of battle! Dallas continued their extra man attack, but the Avalanche vanquished their shorthanded plight and even managed a 2-on-1 rush! But, alas, Wilson could not finish off Davey Jones' set up. Aye, another opportunity squandered! Later, mere minutes after Budaj's snow angel prayer to the Gods, Brad of Richards out hustles the defense to the juicy black disc behind the cage of the Boods, connects with a teamate, gets the black rubber sent back to him, and threads a pass of perfection to the waiting Swede Erikson, who deposits the scoring piece past Budaj. Perfectly executed attack. 2-0 Stars. Hark! Doth mine ears hear a Yip! Down shorthanded yet again, our heroes would not relent! Defending his own blueline, Dupuis the Strong takes down two of the opposition and the puck squirts free to Yip. Yip streaks down the left side as the charging Wilson brings a defender to him. Yip let fly his rocket - and it did fly true! Shorthanded goal, his 11th, for Brando Yip. A battle won, but the war far from over.

2nd intermission report: Sheath thy sword Groove Subaru! Thine commercials putteth me off.

40 seconds into the 3rd frame, more fine passing by the enemy leads to our Norwegian friend, Jonas, getting beat soundly in front by Morrow the prick, of the Dallas pricks. Do what you will Morrow, but Brando will not be silenced so easily! McClement fights thru several Stars in the neutral zone and gains the line of blue before feeding the hungry Yip rushing into the zone. Yip faked the one timer and then - like the thunderous hammer of Thor - blasted top shelf, popping the water bottle! The Avs will not go quietly into the night! 3-2 Dallas.

The competitive nature of the campaign increased greatly after Yip's second score, with both sides exchanging blows and chances. Culminating with the Avs attempting one last noble skirmish in front of Lehtonen, but to no avail. Stars hang on to win 3-2. Twas a battle to be little revered by future generations.

Quick Hits

  • Foote announced retirement today, but will play Sunday. Fare the well good soldier.
  • Wilson jumped into the play often tonight, just couldn't do much with it. Where has that aggressive action been hiding Mack?
  • Holos factored in both Yip goals, resulting in his first multi-point NHL game. Congrats.



Next Up

The bitter end. The Avalanche pump the Oil on the season's final day, Sunday April 10th, 1pm at Lé Can du Pepsí.