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Daily Cupcakes- May 10th, 2011


Stu Grimson, a former enforcer in the NHL, is worried about the long-term effect of concussions.

Stu Grimson, the retired hockey enforcer, was offering an impromptu inventory of the injuries he incurred as one of the game’s most infamous hitmen.

He played 13 NHL seasons, spent 2,113 minutes in the penalty box, and yet he only broke one finger and one knuckle in the fray. He never lost a tooth in a fight, either. And though an early-career go with Dave Brown required Grimson’s jaw to be wired shut, Grimson said he only broke his nose in battle once.

A look at Joey Hishon.

When the Colorado Avalanche took Joey Hishon with the 17th overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, they knew they were taking a bit of a risk. At 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, some scouts questioned whether Hishon’s size would limit his effectiveness in the NHL. On top of that the Stratford, Ont., native had to battle through a nagging foot injury and was limited to just 36 games in his draft year

The players on Team Canada are getting less ice time than they are used to.

"I think the more games we get to play the better," said forward Matt Duchene. "One thing that's different here is that the ice time is so spread out on our team. Even though you're playing a back-to-back or six games in 10 days, you're not playing the minutes you're used to playing.

"So it's not going to wear you down as much because the load is so equally distributed."