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Daily Cupcakes- May 16th, 2011

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NBC talks of Atlanta going to Winnipeg.

If Atlanta moves to Winnipeg there’s no logical way to have Winnipeg be in either the Eastern Conference nor the Southeast Division and with the NHL not being eager to have a mismatched number of teams in each conference, someone in the west would move east. The questions here are who would be the one to move and just how would the divisions be set up? We’ve got some ideas on how things could play out.

You’d have three instant candidates to move to the Eastern Conference: Detroit, Columbus, and Nashville. 

This Globe and Mail columnist is upset that HNiC didn't memorialize Derek Boogaard.

One of Hockey Night in Canada’s greatest assets is its reporting – something neither TSN nor Rogers Sportsnet quite matches on a big story. So why in the name of Ward Cornell did Hockey Night completely ignore the death of 28-year-old Derek Boogaard in its pregame show Saturday?


Speaking of Derek Boogaard, he, and his family, has donated his brain to science.

The 28-year-old Boogaard was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment Friday, five months after he sustained a season-ending concussion with the New York Rangers.

Boogaard's agent and a spokeswoman for the Boston University School of Medicine confirmed Sunday that his brain will be examined for signs of a degenerative disease often found in athletes who sustain repeated hits to the head.

"It's an amazing thing he did and his family did. Hopefully, that'll bring some information," agent Ron Salcer said. "We don't know exactly the impact that the concussions might have played."

Jaromir Jagr to be an NHL'er once more?

"You never know. Maybe it will be still fun to go back to NHL. Maybe Pittsburgh. I don't know. Maybe Montreal. Maybe New York," Jagr told the Journal. "Pittsburgh, I played there for a long time. Mario (Lemieux) is the owner. It's better to play with great centres like (Sidney) Crosby and (Evgeni) Malkin, this game is a little bit easier and I'm not young anymore."


Joey Hishon's team has won the OHL title, and he had a part in it.

The two teams combined for four goals in the first period on Sunday. Owen Sound scored first, on just its second shot of the game, after centre Joey Hishon circled a crowd deep in Mississauga territory, fired a shot on net and picked up the rebound on the other side. He fired a cross-ice pass to the point, and Mike Halmo tipped that shot past J.P. Anderson for the 1-0 lead.