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Daily Cupcakes - May 17th, 2011

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A article talking about Derek Boogaard.

It is a shame that Boogaard’s good nature wasn’t more widely celebrated when he was alive. The people who knew him well were certainly aware that he was the antithesis of his menacing on-ice persona. Fans and employees of the two NHL teams with which he played — the Minnesota Wild and New York Rangers — were certainly appreciative of his on-ice contributions and his off-ice generosity.

An article about Finland's victory... the picture is pretty awesome. I'm glad to see so many people were happy with that win.

Tens of thousands of exultant flag-waving hockey fans thronged the streets of the capital Monday to welcome home Finland's new world champions.

Finland's team, nicknamed the "Lions," beat Sweden 6-1 in the IIHF World Hockey Championship final on Sunday to claim the Nordic country's second world title.

The NHL is suing a Montreal restaurant.

The NHL wants to send a Montreal restaurant owner to the penalty box over a sign in support of his beloved Canadiens.

The league is demanding $89,000 from Fadl Issa for putting up a sign in one of his downtown restaurants showing a Middle Eastern man in a red-and-white Canadiens jersey slicing up shawarma.