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Blind Draft Choice - The Good


  1. Skating is very advanced as he generates loads of speed with his quick feet in
    just a few explosive strides. Lateral agility and quickness make him elusive to defenders and
    hard to contain coming off the wall. Has ultra soft hands that are both quick and highly entertaining
    to watch. A game breaking talent who can take the puck to the net, wire a shot from
    the outside or draw a defender to himself before dishing a seeing-eye pass through skates
    to an open teammate. Applies great backpressure defensively and takes away more than his
    share of pucks in doing so. Has arguably the best vision and hockey sense in the entire draft.
    Shot is NHL sniper quality as he is highly accurate and has a split second release. Makes
    strong accurate tape-to-tape passes but can also feather a nice touch pass when needed. Is
    the prospect with the highest offensive ceiling in the entire draft.
  2. Has a long smooth skating stride that generated a nice amount of speed and
    power. Is balanced and strong on his feet and is able to stay on the puck without getting
    knocked off easily. Has electric hands that can make highlight reel plays through traffic and
    when engaging defenders one-on-one. Long reach helps him control the puck and he is confident
    with the puck on his blade. Possesses elite vision, awesome offensive creativity and a
    dogged drive in pursuit of the puck. Is able to make a seeing-eye pass through legs and sticks
    look easy. Displays high-end finishing skills and instincts around the net as he drives the puck
    into high scoring areas. Has a very strong snap and wrist shots that are both accurate and
    quick off his stick. Is intense, aggresive and always involved in the play. Has unbelievable
    maturity, character and is consistently one of the hardest working players. Not at all selfish
    on the ice and is a real team player. Is soft spoken but at the same time shows a willingness
    to speak his mind and motivate when needed. Can play a confident, effective game at centre
    or on the wing.
  3. Is a well grounded kid who exudes character and a great work ethic both on and
    off the ice. Not the biggest or oldest kid on his team but teammates look up to him. Is willing
    and able to stand up for his teammates physically by dropping the gloves or laying out
    an opponent with a big hit when required. Shows a veteran discipline and picks his spots.
    Always finishes checks and plays with a high level of grit, intensity and determination. Skates
    well with good balance and has a healthy top gear as well as strong, tight turning edge work.
    Shoots the puck from anywhere with an accurate, quick wrister and has good hands around
    the net. Makes strong passes that hit the mark more often than not but is a finisher through
    and through. Physically is the most NHL ready as he already has a pro-style frame.
  4. Has the ability to make the smart, simple and effective plays consistently. Skates
    well especially for his size and shows excellent all-encompassing mobility. Does not look like
    he is moving fast or playing with much intensity until he needs to then he can really show
    off his speed and acceleration. Often when looked beaten in the defensive zone shows that
    ability to recover using his speed, size and active stick. Handles the puck well and keeps his
    head up looking for his options when the puck is on his stick. Willing to jump into the play as
    an offensive weapon but does so when safe and not at the expense of his defensive duties.
    Has a hard and accurate point shot that he utilizes as either a shot or slap pass. Strong on
    his man using his size, solid positoning and an active stick to disrupt defensively.
  5. Possesses very impressive height and an imposing frame to continue to build
    strength upon. Should top out at about six-foot-five and 225-pounds in the NHL as a two-way
    centre and top penalty killer. Skating is not as bad as most media have made it out to be. Gets
    to where he needs to, when he needs to. Protects the puck extremely well with his soft hands
    and frame. Sees the ice better than most and is a superb playmaker, dishing passes that
    are accurate and timely. Has nice hockey sense and is very defensively aware even when
    he goes on the offensive attack. Competes in all three zones and wins most puck battles, offensively
    and defensively. Shot is an absolute rocket although he tends to gravitate to being
    more of a set-up guy who looks for the open man before unleashing his cannon as a second

So who would you take with the #2 pick? Vote and then look after the jump for the reveal.

  1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
  2. Jonathan Huberdeau
  3. Gabriel Landeskog
  4. Adam Larsson
  5. Sean Couturier

Next time, we'll vote based solely on the weaknesses (bad) and see if we can reconcile the two.

NOTE: "Strengths" blurbs taken from Future Considerations Preview.