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May 2 NHL Playoffs Live Thread

Just one game up for your viewing pleasure today.  Tim Thomas and the Bruins visit the city of Brotherly Love for the second game of the second round series with the Flyers.  David Krejci managed to show up in Game 1 after being absent for much of the first round. One thing that didn't make the trip to Philadelpha was the Bruins' power play.  And I thought the Avs PP was bad...  Philly has their own problems:  Which warm body will the Flyers use in net at the start of the game?  Which cold body will they blame the loss on at the end of the game if they have to change goalies again? Nobody knows.  Will a visit from a septuagenarian spur the Flyers to a Game 2 victory?  Who knows.  Puck drops at 7:30 pm Eastern.