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Daily Cupcakes- May 20th, 2011

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Let's start with the Big Bang, shall we? The Globe and Mail has reported that the NHL will have a huge announcement on Tuesday. That the Atlanta team will be moving to Winnipeg.

An agreement to sell the National Hockey League’s Atlanta Thrashers to a Winnipeg group which plans to relocate the franchise to the Manitoba capital is done.

Sources confirmed tonight that preparations are being made for an announcement Tuesday, confirming the sale and transfer of the Thrashers to True North Sports and Entertainment

But no so fast says the Winnipeg Free Press (released on the Vancouver Sun website).

While negotiations are underway between True North Sports and Entertainment Ltd. and the ownership group of the Atlanta Thrashers, a critical part of Winnipeg's pitch involves securing help from the Selinger government.

True North, which owns Winnipeg's MTS Centre, is looking to the province to help it manage the debt load it carries on the downtown arena in order to free up money to help pay for the relocation of the NHL team to Winnipeg.

A source said that request from True North is being studied by Manitoba and in all likelihood will be accepted.

The National Post has a story about a guy who saw a Junior team in financial ruin and bought them to try and turn it around.

By the time they contacted Eugene Melnyk, one of the proudest junior teams in Canadian history was already circling the drain. The St. Michael’s Majors were skating on old pairs of skates, and stick suppliers had begun to refuse delivery of new sticks unless cold, hard cash was promised at the other end.

The weight room was down to its last three exercise bikes.

"We are in deep trouble," they told Melnyk, a proud alumnus who had graduated to build a sizeable fortune in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some news on Philippe Dupuis, I'm glad to see he's happy in Denver.

Colorado, 30-44-8, finished 29th in the 30-team NHL and 29 points out of the final playoff berth in the Western Conference. Dupuis, whose contract has expired, is a restricted free agent.

"The way the coaching staff talked to me at the end of the season, they were really happy with my play," he said. "I know hockey is a business. I really want to sign with Colorado. They gave me my first NHL chance and I want to stay with them.

An article about Cody McLeod

"Definitely, from a team standpoint, it was a long year," McLeod said. "We were doing well right up until Christmastime there and then I guess you could kinda say the wheels fell off a little bit. Nobody was happy with their season, I guess you could say. It's always tough when you go through a stretch of games like that, but we've just gotta regroup and get ready for next year."

The Toronto Star takes a look at the Memorial Cup contenders

The Attack have been led in the post-season by undrafted 20-year-old Robby Mignardi, who had 15 goals and nine assists in 22 games to win the OHL playoff MVP award. Joey Hishon, a first-round draft pick of the Colorado Avalanche in 2010 (17th overall) also has 24 points in 22 games while captain Garrett Wilson, a Florida Panthers prospect (4th round, 107th overall in 2009), has 11 goals and 10 assists in 22 games.

EDIT: This was mentioned in a thread recently, but it's worth popping up here. The state of Colorado has announced that the recently-approved Avalanche license plates will go on the market on Jan. 1, 2012.

On Thursday, May 19, Governor Hickenlooper will sign the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets Signature License Plate Bill authorizing Kroenke Sports Charities to begin selling the special team license plates on Jan. 1, 2012. House Bill 11-1316 was passed by the State Legislature last week.

HB 1316 authorizes Kroenke Sports Charities (the foundation for the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets that has donated millions to non-profit organizations throughout the State) to offer Signature Team License Plates for sale. Proceeds from the license plate sales will benefit education, health, recreation programs for children and families supported by Kroenke Sports Charities.

Here's the details on cost ($95 total, $45 of which is tax deductible):

The plate will be available to applicants who pay the appropriate one-time license fee of $50, and make a one-time donation of $45 to Kroenke Sports charities. Of the $50 fee, $25 is credited to the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) and $25 is credited to the Licensing Services Cash Fund (LSCF).

Wysh at Puck Daddy already has dibs: STOALVR