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Daily Cupcakes- May 24th, 2011



According to CBC Winnipeg is going to have to wait just a tad bit (or a lot bit) longer.

It looks like hockey fans in Winnipeg will have to wait for an official announcement on the possible relocation of the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers to Manitoba's capital.

There were reports from Toronto last week that the Thrashers' deal with True North Sports and Entertainment could be announced in Winnipeg on Tuesday. That no longer appears likely.


A former NHL enforcer is going to be fighting in the MMA, yes seriously.

Brashear, 39, is getting ready for his first MMA bout, set for June 4 at Pepsi Colisee in Quebec City.

"I want to do it," said Brashear to Yahoo sports. "I'm going to put everything I got into it and if I do well I'm going to want to keep going. If I don't, I might want to keep going as well. At 39, I'm not going to do it for five more years, unless I'm really good and have the right opponent."