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Daily Cupcakes- May 26th, 2011


In Joey Hishon, the Avalanche get a risk taker.


"The first time I met (Owen Sound GM) Dale DeGray about four years ago, he told me I better stop drag racing," the Colorado Avalanche first-rounder recalled before the McNabb incident last week. "I grew up with it and my dad (Joe) and uncles are still involved in it (at the Grand Bend Motorplex).

"You'd get up to about 85 miles per hour in the junior dragsters. It's fun, I still go watch when I can and I never thought it was dangerous. But I was starting to get out of it anyway back then and focusing on hockey."


BlueLineStation graded Wojtek Wolski


Unfortunately, it was more of the same from the former 1st round pick. He displayed immediate chemistry with linemates Derek Stepan and Mats Zuccarello. However, that would soon dissipate and Wolski found himself struggling to maintain any offensive consistency. Overall, Wolski displayed flashes of brilliance coupled with pedestrian efforts that made you question whether or not he was even playing in the game.