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Daily Cupcakes- May 27th, 2011


I was given a copy of Maclean's magazine yesterday because the front page was about concussions in hockey. I figured it might interest you so I found an online link for you guys. It's quite a good- but scary- read. If you remember the thing I put together on concussions, I talked about Kaminski's battle with a severe concussion. He talks to Maclean's, as do other NHL'ers and AHL'ers and guys who have had their carers cut short and their lives altered.But there is some good in this. The attitude is slowly changing.

"We’ve gone from viewing this injury as laughable, a joke, to something people are recognizing can have serious consequences." Part of that shift has come from seeing how concussions decimated the physical performance of players like Lindros. That he’s now opening up about how the injury wreaked havoc on his mental and emotional state is a breakthrough. "When people start to recognize that their idols have really struggled because of concussive injuries," says Echemendia, "it starts to wake them up and move them away from the athletic culture of needing to be Superman."

Speaking of concussions, The Sun is saying that Hishon isn't quite as healthy as the Attack want us to think.

The Attack really got screwed in that deal. While McNabb was out making things happen and throwing his weight around for the Ice on Thursday, the guy he demolished, Hishon, has been sitting in a dark room all week, unable to play, unable to help his team.

Sportsnet has a list of pending FA's for the West and East. It isn't the most updated thing, it still list Hejduk and Foote as being UFA's, but it's a good starting point. The Avalanche (if you take out Duke and Footer) have 13 either RFA or UFA's this season.