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Daily Cupcakes: May 5th, 2011


This site is looking at iconic numbers, the much beloved, Joe Saklc's number is up today.

Colorado Avalanche: No. 19

Joe Sakic is one of the first Colorado Avalanche players to be included in the list of players to make their number the most iconic. The Avalanche brought him into the team as a 15th overall draft pick in 1988. He spent his entire time with the Avalanche as he retired in 2009.

The Toronto Star has an article that doesn't see the potential for another Canadian team. For the non-Canadians who do not know, the loonie is the name of the one dollar coin, due to loons being on the front of the coin.

The soaring loonie makes NHL hockey a better bet in Winnipeg and Quebec City than when the Jets and Nordiques left those cities, but that doesn’t mean new teams would be an automatic success, according to a new report to be released Wednesday.

Another story on Yan Stastny.It's really too bad that his brother, Paul, is unable to play due to injury.

American forward Yan Stastny, son of Slovak legend Peter Stastny, is a spotlight player in the tournament.

"He is a bigger star than most of the NHL players here," said his agent, Matt Keator, who is at the tournament. "Autograph seekers and media are interested in the unique story of him playing back in his father's homeland."