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Colorado Avalanche Player Trivia


1. Tyler Arnason was chosen in which round?

  • a) Second Round
  • b) Fourth Round
  • c) Seventh Round
  • d) Third Round

2. What is Kyle Cumiskey's favorite non-hockey team?

  • A) Seattle Seahawks
  • b) Toronto Blue Jays
  • c) San Diego Chargers
  • d) New York Yankees

3. What is Adam Foote's favorite sport, other than hockey?

  • a) Baseball
  • b) Lacrosse
  • c) Football
  • d) Tennis

4. Which of these players was their high school class valedictorian?

  • a) Daniel Winnik
  • b) Matt Duchene
  • c) David Jones
  • d) John-Micheal Liles

5. What was Peter Mueller's first job?

  • a) A bagging clerk at a grocery store
  • b) Newspaper delivery boy
  • c) coaching at a hockey camp
  • d) offering a snow shoveling service to neighbors


Answers after the jump!

1. c- seventh round

2. a) Seattle Seahawks

3. b) Lacrosse

4. c) David Jones

5. c) coaching at a hockey camp