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Let your voice be heard, MHH!

There are two things on which you need to weigh-in, folks.

1. Season ticket holders for the 2011-2012 season have been invited to participate in a conference call Wednesday with Sherm and Super Joe to get some info about "the plan" for next year. Apparently, there is going to be an opportunity to ask questions. I'm not sure what the format will be (perhaps Bob or GuitarPick or other past season ticket holders know...), but I thought I'd at least give the MHHers an opportunity to suggest some questions to ask, in case I get to do so. So what say you? What would you ask Greg Sherman and/or Joe Sakic about next season if you had the chance?

2. Bubblegum and I have been talking about how fun it would be to have an MHH Draft Party in June. Right now, we're looking at having it at the Fox n Hound in Littleton since the group can get a room with lots of TVs, tables and seating and be able to have the sound on. It would be from 6pm-8pm on Friday, June 24th (with general bar festivities afterward, of course). See the poll to indicate whether or not you'd be interested in going.

Thanks for the input!