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Daily Cupcakes - Junes 1st.

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All sorts of news about Winnipeg. This one from SBNation

The Atlanta Thrashers are headed to Winnipeg, marking the long-awaited return of NHL hockey to that city after they lost their team in 1996. Of course, as they gain a team, the City of Atlanta loses one, and that also means a shake-up here at SB Nation.

Of course the move to Winnipeg is bringing about questions for a team in Quebec.

But the Quebecor media mogul remained tight-lipped about whether Tuesday's announcement might help pave the way to Quebec also getting its team back.

"Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make any comments about what they're expecting to do with the league," Peladeau told a news conference Tuesday, where he unveiled a new French-language sports TV network.

"We've been saying loud and clear, publicly for the last few months, that we do not intend to comment on what's happening there."

The Globe and Mail has a few pieces about the move. Some Atlanta Winnpeg players talk.

As for players’ reaction to the news, now that the move has been made official, it has been all positive -- save for a few quips about the weather.

Several players remarked on Tuesday how they were looking forward to playing in front of a city that will have the NHL back 15 years after losing its team.

A funny read on the National Post comparing hockey in 1996 to 2011.

1996  Claude Lemieux earns the contempt of the entire hockey world after driving Kris Draper face-first into the boards during the Western Conference final.
2011  Since the play didn’t involve a leaping elbow to the head or somebody eating a metal stanchion, it would probably result in Lemieux winning the Lady Byng.

Players who played for the Moose are talking too.

"You can compare it to something like Calgary and Edmonton where you might not think it is viable, but I think they'll find a way," said Canucks goalie Cory Schneider (FSY), also a former Moose player. "I think there is more money there than you realize and people have been waiting for a franchise to come back for a long time now and they'll do everything they can to support them and keep them there. Ticket prices might be a little higher than they were in Atlanta, but they wouldn't have done it if they didn't think it would work."