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MHH Hits the Airwaves - At Least For A Few Minutes

So the big reason behind me deciding to change the username from my longtime "SlamDunkTheFunk" to my slave name was that I was offered the opportunity to chat with a radio station in Edmonton and would have felt extremely awkward introducing myself as a representative of the internet's most popular Avalanche blog still using my e-identity.

Really the big news here (at least for me) is I will be talking tomorrow at 12:00 PM Mountain Time on FM 1260 The Team with some Oilers fans about the upcoming draft process. Things I expect they'll want to talk to me about is where I see the Avs going in this draft with our top two picks and how much of a crush we as a fan base have on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

The link to the radio station's website can be found here. I will update this post tomorrow whenever they call me to give you guys a heads up so you can all drop in and listen to me stumble over my words and mock the stupid things I'll inevitably say.

Edit: All righty. We're about 20 minutes away from the start of the program now. I'm not sure when I'm actually going on but the show starts in 17 minutes. Link found above!

Edit: Okiedokie. For those who missed it, the archive will be up sometime in the next couple days. I'll link it here when it goes up!

Edit: According to some guy I was either hyperventilating or about to faint. Nice.