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Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5 Open Thread

Series is now a best of three.  The Canucks return to Van City and hope to return the favor to Boston and Tim Thomas after Vezina candidate Roberto Luongo GOT LIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tune in or you could miss biting, two-punch fights, 2nd-grade-level taunting, goalies checking and slashing, and Olympic-level diving (from the home team)!  Watch as the game gets completely out of hand as one team pushes the envelope and goons it up while the other team takes it while flopping to the ice every time somebody makes eye contact.  See which Boston player can hold his breath the longest in order to avoid breathing on a Sedin twin causing him to flail around like he's been tazed in the nuts!  I'M SAYING THEY DIVE A LOT!!!!!!!!! GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!