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And with the fake 11th pick, the Colorado Avalanche take...

The SBN Mock Draft continues, and the Avalanche are on the clock with the 11th pick. If you recall, we were startled to land Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with the 2nd pick. When we rolled around to number 11, guys like Huberdeau, Zibenejad, Murphy and Hamilton were off the board. One prominent player still around was Ryan Strome, but we decided we wanted to focus on defense. The first name that really came to mind was Duncan Siemens. But, with "Cummers" on the roster, we decided to wash our hands of all bodily fluids jokes and go for size. And lots of it.

So, with the 11th pick, Mile High Hockey picks defenseman Jamie Oleksiak from Northeastern University. He is a hulk of a man: 6'7", 240 lbs and projects to be a big (duh), physical, stay-at-home defensemen. In real life, there's little chance of the Avalanche drafting a player like this (they'd be much more inclined to go with Siemens here, if available). But this isn't real life. This is fantasy world, and in our fantasy world, we like them big and rough. Or something to that effect.