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Daily Cupcakes- Sean Couturier

Today's Cupcakes are focused on Sean Couturier. Sean Couturier plays the much needed left wing is 6’3" (some places list him as 6'4) and weighs 185 lbs. he also shoots left, and was born December 7th, 1992. He is the son of of Sylvain Couturier who was also played left wing and he made it to the Big League playing with the L.A. Kings for three years.

You can view some video of him in action here.

Mock Draft Mania covers his cons.

Physical Ability: Couturier has to improve his physical ability.

Learning Rate: Coutrier learns new plays really slowly.

Hockey IQ: Sean Couturier has to improve his hockey IQ at the next level. I think he will have trouble reading passes because he shoots so much.

Awareness: Sean Couturier displays lackluster offensive and defensive awareness.

Copper and Blue had a look at him.

Some guys look at [Couturier] and see [Vinny] Prospal, a guy who is very good when he's good but not great and won't ever be a franchise guy. [Couturier] is never going to pile up points like [Joe] Thornton, but he is a complete player, [unintelligible]*, an all-around player, a goal-scorer. I liken him to [Jonathan] Toews if you correct his footwork, [Mikko] Koivu if he struggles to score. He's a complete player. If he struggles to score and [with] his skating, the downside is that he will be more like Prospal and rely on good players around him."

The Good Point makes some, umm good points?

In addition to his brilliance on the scoresheet, Couturier is unafraid to battle in the corners, or grind out possessions in front of the net if it means giving his team an advantage. What he currently lacks in bulk, he makes up for in a knack for knowing exactly when and how to strike to spoil his opposition's attack.

Couturier's ability to skate and tendency to battle for everything he can get his hands on is what has helped him thrive with the Voltigeurs in limited time this season. In 42 games with the team, he's managed 24 goals and 71 points.

Oilers Nation talks about how Couturier's stock keeps going lower and lower.

The math loves Couturier. Scouts talk about a lack of progression, but the player has the same number of points this season despite missing 10 games and battling through mono. He was a plus-55 for Drummondville, which is impressive, but it’s more impressive than we realize that outside of regular linemate Ondrej Palat, no other forward was better than plus-18. People talk about Nugent-Hopkins’ two-way game; but somehow it never gets mentioned that he’s not a regular penalty-killer. Couturier is, and he has seven points shorthanded this season. His even-strength numbers are among the best in the draft.

Add to that the fact that Couturier’s 6’4" and wins faceoffs, and it’s hard not to like him. looks at Couturier.

On the ice, Couturier has become a fantastic two-way hockey player in a short period of time and that's what has so many scouts and general managers excited about his future. He has the pedigree and the resume to naturally attract attention. His ability to adapt to change, though, has certainly been a noticeable asset this season.

"I think adapting to change quickly is an asset of mine," Couturier told "You have to adapt yourself as fast as you can in order to perform well."

Interestingly, the ESPN Dallas Stars blog says that ESPN has him as 1st overall.

Draft publication Rank
NHL Central Scouting 6th (North American skaters)
Red Line Report 8th overall
International Scouting Services 4th overall 1st overall
TSN 5th overall
The Hockey News 4th overall

Earlier this week, I mentioned that RNH was picked 1st overall to get onto his team, the same applies to Sean.

Drummondville’s first-round selection, second overall, in the 2008 QMJHL Entry Draft

The Vancouver Sun looks into why they think his stock went down. They also mention that he suffered from mono this past season, which could have impacted his play.

What happens with some kids is they're too good, too early. Then scouts start watching them over and over and they start picking out blemishes in their games. The same thing happened with defenceman Cam Fowler last June

The last link of the day, In Lou We Trust did a HUGE article on the big man that is really worth checking out. Seriously, it's awesome and has tons of links, quotes and in-depth analysis!

The above certainly applies to today's prospect profile subject, center Sean Couturier. He was the top guy for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft heading into the 2010-11 season. Somewhere along the way, views on him changed as it did with the rest of the draft class. He's no longer the consensus top skater in the draft, but his fall wasn't too great. He'll definitely be a high pick in this coming draft, and perhaps New Jersey's. Therefore, it's a name that Devils fans should be familiar with by June 24.