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Daily Cupcakes- June 16th, 2011

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We interrupt the scheduled player Cupcakes for some real life events. In case you hadn't heard, the Boston Bruins are the new Stanley Cup Champions. Congratulations, guys. It was a fantastic blowout victory. One victory that certain people in the Vancouver area didn't take too kindly. But first, about the actual game.

I love that Tim Thomas has that "hockey is a team sport" attitude. He's the Conn Smythe winner and still thinks the Cup is the most important part.

Tim Thomas turned in another stellar performance, stopping all 37 shots he faced. Thomas' shutout cemented what was likely already a foregone conclusion: him being named the winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy. At 37-years-old, Thomas is the oldest Conn Smythe winner ever.

"From the first time you put on skates, this is what you dream of," Thomas said. "I can't believe it, it still hasn't set in."

"The Stanley Cup is the most important, the (Conn Smythe) is just an honour," Thomas added.


But as I mentioned, there were some Vancouverites that didn't like that Vancouver lost.

Police officers from around the region flooded into downtown and Mayor Gregor Robertson said things were getting under control, but the images and atmosphere that lingered late into the night suggested otherwise.

Gregor said there had been no fatalities, though he had to be asked the question twice.

Fights broke out and people were seen falling on broken glass.

At the flagship Bay store, looters jumped inside and were seen grabbing T-shirts and anything else they could get their hands on. Young women were seen escaping with MAC cosmetics. One girl carried out part of a mannequin.

And more destruction. The Globe & Mail  has some short videos.

Cars were torched, porta-potties set on fire, windows smashed and looting took place, while mobs of angry, unruly fans roamed the city’s downtown streets looking for and finding trouble in areas where only hours before record crowds had gathered to cheer on the Canucks


A National Post "Full commentary"

 The season ends, and the worst does come to pass. Vancouver, you have lost. Twice. But the game hardly matters now, does it? The score? Who cares? As I write this, my eyes are stinging, my is throat sore, having breathed in some sort of dispersal chemical that police deployed–in desperation, and perhaps too late. There could be some residual effect from having inhaled acrid, toxic smoke from burning cars, exploding cars, destroyed by lunatics still running crazy on the city’s downtown streets.

Blood in our streets. I saw people on the ground, bleeding. Shattered glass everywhere.


It's a sad day for hockey fans as we are hearing more destruction and injuries as the night goes on. I'm sure there will be more in the morning as well. There have been at least three critically injured people thus far. If you are in Vancouver, I hope you were able to stay safe.



More news and updates as we hear them. Feel free to put your news here as well.

Tomorrow will be back to the Player Profiles.