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Daily Cupcakes- Jonathan Huberdeau

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After a day off of the player-centric Cupcakes. They are back with Jonathan Huberdeau. Huberdeau is a
6'1 center who weighs in at approximately 171 pounds. He was born in Toronto, Ontario on June 4th, 1993.

You can see some video here.

The Hockey Writers discuss his play and take a look at some positives and negatives.

"He’s the type of player who can change the outcome of a game suddenly and quickly," Bordeleau told "He’s displayed unbelievably quick hands and an ability to set up and score goals. He definitely has NHL hands and playmaking ability."

"Once he puts on 10 or 15 pounds, he should be awesome," Bordeleau said. "He’s also gritty and does not back down when challenged. As far as I’m concerned, he’s as good as the top three guys (on Central Scouting’s list) ahead of him (No. 1 Gabriel Landeskog, No. 2 Sean Couturier, No. 3 Nugent-Hopkins). It’ll be interesting to see where he finishes up at the final meeting. Jonathan is in his first full year in the league and Couturier is in his third."  (

Mock Draft Mania tackles Huberdeau as well.

Shooting Power: Jonathan Huberdeau has great shooting power entering the NHL.

Durability: Huberdeau is a tough tenacious hockey player who rarely gets injured.

Learning Rate: Learns new plays quickly.  Huberdeau will think of a way to score if he is one on one or he will pass if he cannot shoot the puck and someone is open.

USA Today thinks that Huberdeau is pretty darn good.


Jonathan Huberdeau (Saint John): Just continues to take his game to new levels we never thought he would approach so soon. He has now ascended the throne as the Quebec League's top prospect.

Bruins 2011 Draft Watch is quite good, stick tap to A.J. for pointing me in that direction.

Good height with long arms and reach. Very good skater; rangy player with smooth, loping stride. Excellent hands; can stickhandle in traffic or dangle, using his long stick to maintain distance between the puck and would-be checkers. Soft touch for pinpoint passes. Gives and receives passes well. Heavy snap shot that he can get off very quickly. Accurate shooter who can elevate the puck in close or keep his bullet drives low to the corners when goaltenders give him an opening. Loves to score and looks great doing it. High-end offensive instincts; always around the puck and a deal-closer when the play is in tight to the net. One of the most creative players in the class; sees the ice extremely well and anticipates the unfolding play, knowing where his teammates will be and finding them with the puck.

Buzzing the net talks to Huberdeau

The difference between Jonathan Huberdeau and Sean Couturier is one goes around defenders and the other bulls through them.

That might illustrate why Huberdeau, to some, has supplanted the more mature Couturier as the top NHL draft prospect from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

The ESPN Dallas blog, once again offers some insight.

"Great hands. I would compare them to Patrick Kane's. He has vision and playmaking but those hands...unbelievable." - A scout, quoted in The Hockey News Draft Preview 2011

A reminder that Huberdeau was drafted fifth overall in Russia.

Saint John Sea Dogs forward Jonathan Huberdeau is so well-regarded by scouts, his professional rights have been acquired four full weeks before the National Hockey League entry draft.

The catch? He was drafted in Russia.

"Yeah," Saint John coach Gerard Gallant said Sunday, "I’m sure he’s just jumping.