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Daily Cupcakes- Duncan Siemens



This week the Cupcakes are focused on who the Avalanche might be targeting for the 11th pick. There is no clearly defined favorites as to who will go in the Top Ten. So I'm picking five random guys, the ones the MHH community has talked about the most or ones that I am interested in. ;)  First up, because i know you all like his name... Duncan Siemens. Siemens was born in Alberta, Canada on September 7th, 1993. He comes in at a whopping 6' 3 and 192 pounds. He is slated to be  an offensive defenseman with a left handed shot.



You can see him in action here.


Mock Draft Mania takes a look at Siemens. (Emphasis mine)

Skater: Siemens is an elite skater.

Athleticism: Siemens skating ability makes his athleticism so deadly.

Fights for his Teammates: People knock him for picking fights with players, but because he stands up for his teammates like Brayden Schenn that’s what makes Siemens so great.


The Scouting Report also takes a look at Siemens.

The most useful tool Siemens has at his disposal is his angry disposition. When Siemens is most effective, he’s using his size and strength to win battles against opposing skaters. Siemens is a willing combatant on most nights, and has proven on numerous occasions that he will drop the gloves, whether it is to stick up for a teammate, or to send a message to his foes. Siemens is an above average skater, especially when considering his size, and certainly has shown that he can also chip in offensively.


The Hockey Writers shows that there are some concerns over his play.

"Hard-nosed competitor was strong in his own end and did a good job of clogging up shooting/passing lanes with an active stick.  Went looking for a fight with a little guy, but ended up on the short end when Musil stepped in.  Made smart reverses with the puck, but was forcing his point shots and had trouble turning the puck over in his own end."


Bruins Watch 2011 doesn't think he's Top 11 material.

Siemens will likely play in the NHL, but I don't get why he's so highly rated in some circles. Top-10? Not based on what we saw in the prospects game. Tough nut for sure, but upside is limited. I would have no problem with Siemens closer to 20-25, but I think any team grabbing him closer to 10th will be disappointed in the long run.


Top Shelf Scouting's take on the young defenseman.

     Perhaps the biggest question marks on Siemens are the most common seen with young defensemen. At this point in his development, Siemens has to be considered a prospect by whichever NHL team picks him at the draft. There have been questions about his decision making, particularly in the defensive zone. Also, while Siemens posted impressive offensive numbers, one has to wonder if that was more a reflection of him playing on a Saskatoon Blades team that averaged 4.31 goals per game than anything else. Duncan’s 43 points were good enough for 10th overall on his team, 2nd amongst defensemen, still impressive totals for a 17 year old no matter how you look at it.


ESPN's Dallas Star blog takes on the challenge as well, and it's much more positive.

"Siemens in a very difficult player to play against. He is fearless and competitive, never giving up much room and willing to propel his body into other players with great speed. His skating is very strong and it is has been a very rare occurrence to see a WHL player beat him wide. He has great work ethic and loves the pushing and shoving associated with playing in front of his own goal and in the corners. His biggest appeal moving forwards is that he projects very well as a shutdown defender who can play big minutes when the games get tough and can also contribute from time to time in the offense and power play." - International Scouting Services 2011 Draft Guide