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Final Grade: Adam Foote

This report card is a joint effort by Beachie, Sandie, Paul, SlamDunktheFunk and DDC. Stats courtesy of and


Final Grade




Final Grade: C+

Midseason Grade: 

Last Year: B

Position: D

Vitals: 6'2 / 220 / Age 39 / Shoots R

Drafted by Quebec Nordiques, 2nd round (22nd overall) of 1989 Draft

Re-joined Avalanche: February 26, 2008 for a 2008 1st rounder (Luca Sbisa) and 2009 4th rounder (David Savard)

MHH Nicknames: Footer


  • Hunwick 16gp 0g 2a 2pt -3
  • Wilson 16gp 0g 2a 2pt Even
  • Cumiskey 12gp 0g 2a 2pt -5
  • Holos 1gp 0g 0a 0pt Even
  • Liles 1gp 0g 0a 0pt -1
  • Shattenkirk 1gp 0g 0a 0pt Even

Avs with Foote in the lineup: 20-23-4 (.468 pt%) 2.79 GF 3.47 GA

Ice Time:

  • TTOI 17:55 (12th)
  • EV 14:46 (10th)
  • PK 2:50 (3rd)
  • PP 0:08 (12th)


Career Highlights: Foote finishes up 3rd all-time for the Avalanche (only) in games played and 11th in points (1 behind Chris Drury)

Report: I'll always remember Adam Foote's final game in an Avalanche uniform, in which he cried Havoc and let slip the dogs of war for the final time. Seeing his kids standing at the blue line during the anthems and remembering the scene of Foote walking through the tunnel and sitting on the bench after we had brought him back home, it felt like Foote's career had come full circle. The end was nigh. The standing ovation the crowd gave him during the first period. The video montage celebrating his career. He brought the electricity back to the crypt that had become the Pepsi Center. Vintage Adam Foote was on display in the final shift of his great career. Clutching, grabbing, and imposing his will on any Oilers who dared enter his section of the ice, Foote reminded us all of the glory days.  Rules be damned, Foote went out the way Foote came into the league: kicking ass first and never bothering to ask questions later. Nay, the end is here. We love you and wish you farewell, Footer. <3

Fun Fact: Only 3 numbers higher than the 35 of Tony Esposito and Mike Richter have been retired* by an NHL team: 66 (Mario Lemieux), 77 (Ray Bourque, twice) and 99 (Wayne Gretzky, twice).

*Apples Gilmour's #93 was honored by the Toronto Maple Leafs, but not retired.

The Adam Foote Drinking Game: Drink whenever someone talks about Footer's nose.   Drunk potential: You're in for a long night. Or short, depending on your alcohol tolerance.

What We Said Last YearFooter is a stay at home defenseman that uses his strength to dominate opponents. His style still works, assuming he doesn't have to chase anybody to apply it. Although Foote's overall game and on-ice contributions have declined with his advancing age, he was a great captain for the Avalanche, and the right choice to follow Super Joe.

2010 Cap Hit: $1,250,000

2011 Status: Retired

Outlook for Next Season: Golf, some coaching, more golf, making Duchene clean his room, more golf, watching his number raised to the rafters, more golf, shooing people from his lawn and golf. You got a problem with that?

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