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Daily Cupcakes- Brandon Saad

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Continuing on with the Specialty Cupcakes, I'm going to be looking at Brandon Saad. He is 6'1 (some list him as 6'2) and 208 pounds, he plays both left and right wing depending on need. He was born October 27th, 1992.

As always, you can view some video here.

First up the Scouting Report

The American-born winger for the Saginaw Spirit possesses tremendous size and is expected to be a top 10 pick, with a good shot of getting selected a fair bit earlier depending on the needs of the teams picking. Saad can easily get himself into scoring positions around the net by using his great speed, which is above average for any skater and not just for a kid of his size. What was evident during this game, however, is that he is not using his size nearly enough.

Mock Draft Mania makes me think the Avalanche won't pick him. (Emphasis mine)

Physical Ability: Brandon Saad has great physical ability.

Shooting Power: Saad has deadly shooting power with his wrist shot and slap shot.

Durability: Rarely gets injured.

Bruins 2011 Draft Watch is fantastic, here are some of the strengths they listed.

Long, fluid stride. Powerful skater who isn't all that agile, but gets a big head of steam up to get himself into scoring position and convert breakaways. Can really handle the puck and has a hard, heavy shot that he can really rip- an NHL caliber release on it already. Pinpoint shooter who can pick the corners. Creates time and space for himself- creative scorer and playmaker.

The Hockey News takes a closer look at him.

The Phantoms also allowed Saad to mature without being the focus on the team. Despite leading the North Division, the Phantoms don’t boast a top-20 scorer in the NAHL. Instead, Saad leads a charge of nine players with more than 30 points through 55 games.

"We’ve always prided ourselves on our depth," Mainhardt noted. "We like to think we can recruit four lines."

But Saad will undoubtedly be the one who makes the most impact as his career progresses through hockey. His heroes are lofty ones, as well.

ESPN's Dallas Star blog has some quotes.

"Top-end talent had a very inconsistent year in his Major Junior debut. At times was a dominating force who controlled the play nearly every shift, but too often was a passenger and ended up being a disappointing under achiever in our eyes. Has every tool in the shed with size/strength, hockey sense and puck skills. Has a rocket shot with pro-calibre release and soft hands to feather passes on the tape." - Red Line Report 2011

The NHL's Penguins also have taken notice.

His performance in that tournament not only further opened the eyes of scouts around the hockey world, but it cemented his status on the Under-18 team this season.

"For a guy that big he just has all the tools," Woodlief said. "He dominates at this level because he is physically that much more advanced than the other players his age he is playing against for the most part.

"He has a big frame. He is going to be a horse when he fills out. By the time he hits the NHL I would imagine he will be playing at about 215 pounds. He is a good, solid 6-foot-1." has a "meet the player" type thing.

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