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Draft Party Countdown: 3 days

Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="new">Life magazine.</a>
Photo courtesy of Life magazine.

We're getting closer, close enough to start talking hours. Maybe. Don't forget that draft coverage starts at 5 pm (yes, I have confirmed that in a dozen places) this Friday (confirmed that too), so get there in time to catch all the fun.

I do believe there will be wagers placed - for drinks, of course, because betting money isn't legal in LIttleton we're a bunch of drunks - so feel free to start the smack talking and betting now. Also consider keeping everyone's predictions from the Draft Pool handy so that you can gloat, make fun of others, and act generally smug. Or so that you can hide in shame.


Friday, June 24th, 5 pm. Fox and Hound, Littleton, CO. More details here.