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Draft Party Countdown: 2 days

You've got two more days to prepare for the MHH Draft Extravaganza at the Fox and Hound in Littleton. Okay, so the extravaganza really is just a bunch of Avs fans gathering together IRL to hang out, high five and hope for more faces of the franchise.

Some more logistics: when you get to FnH, there will be a central bar area at the entrance. To the right is a big room with pool tables, TVs and some couches. That's where we'll be gathered. If you decide you want to play some pool while watching the draft stuff - or after - you can get the balls at the hostess station which is immediately to your left when you walk in. I've no idea what the cost is on a Friday night, but there is a charge.


Friday, June 24th, 5 pm. Fox and Hound, Littleton, CO. More details here.