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Day 2 Draft Thread

In the end, it wasn't quite so wild and crazy as we expected. The Avalanche did trade John-Michael Liles (the move makes sense, the return is not so hot), but Paul Stastny is still an Avalanche and no goalies we're brought into the fold. After whispers of moving around, the Avalanche picked where scheduled, taking Gabriel Landeskog and Duncan Siemens with the 2nd and 11th overall pick. There is a good chance we'll see Landeskog in a unipron this fall, while Siemens appears to be a ways away from the big time.

Barring a trade (typing that makes me nervous), the Avalanche brass can sleep in this morning as they don't start picking until the 4th round. Their 2nd round pick was sent to St Louis in the Johnson / Siemens deal and the 3rd rounder was moved last year to get the pick used on Stephen Silas. As of now, the Avs are picking in the 4th (93rd), 5th (123rd), 6th (153rd) and 7th (183rd).

TV coverage is on the NHL network starting at 11am eastern, and witty commentary can be found in the comments below.