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Daily Cupcakes- June 3rd 2011


First up Theo Fleury. For those who haven't read the book, all was not peachy in his life. He is trying to help ensure that others don't have to have the same pain. They are auctioning some high-priced automobiles.

Veteran broadcast journalist Darrel Janz is the emcee for the event. Former NHL star Theoren Fleury is the celebrity auctioneer.

"By attending Big Boys and Their Toys, you send a message that domestic violence cannot and will not be tolerated. By donating to HomeFront you directly contribute to research, support and action toward ending the cycle of domestic violence in your community," says the organization.

Speaking of Theo, he shares memories of the Jets.

"I remember we were playing in a tournament in Miniota (west of Winnipeg), and the winners got tickets to a Jets game," he was reminiscing Tuesday. "Well, it turned out to be the last game of that year. The infamous game with Colorado for last place to see who got the top pick. But I scrambled down to where the tunnel was, stepping over people, and I managed to get Lanny's (McDonald) autograph. Ten years later, I'm on the ice celebrating a Stanley Cup with the guy.

Bettman is being villianified, while they are saying that he isn't a vilian.So if he isn't Batman nor Robin, who is he?

When Gary Bettman returned to Winnipeg after all these years, he did not brandish a cape or a tall black hat. He did not tie a damsel to the railroad tracks, or point a space laser at city hall. He returned not as a villain, but as … what, exactly?

He returned, as always, as the commissioner of the National Hockey League, with a look on his face like a man who was winning and losing all at the same time. "It’s nice to be back in Winnipeg after all these years," Bettman said, and managed to avoid gritting his teeth.