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The clock is ticking on UFA signings.  

In the Avs organization, there are 8 UFAs: Tomas Fleischmann (LW), David Koci (LW), Peter Budaj (G), Shawn Belle (D), Ben Walter (C), Julian Talbot (C), Jason Bacashihua (G), and John Grahame (G).  Capgeek also has Foote and Forsberg listed as UFAs, but since we're already talking about going to their jersey retirement ceremonies, I'm pretty sure they won't be playing for us or anyone else next year.  

Besides that, there are 2 RFAs that were not given qualifying offers, and therefore become UFAs tomorrow:  Philippe Dupuis (C) and Brian Elliott (G). 

There are also 4 RFAs that were given qualifying offers, but have not been signed yet:  Ryan Wilson (D), T.J. Galiardi (LW), Kevin Porter (LW sometimes), and Kyle Cumiskey (D).  This means that since June 26th, other teams have been able to give them offer sheets, but the Avs have the chance to counter if offers are made.  

And there are 3 unresolved RFAs (meaning we don't know what's going on with them):  Ray Macias (D), Tom Fritsche (LW), and Harrison Reed (C).  

Also - this article may help explain the RFA process to those of us who might not fully understand it.  And yes, I do include myself in that.  

I'll update this throughout the night if anything changes, but as of right now (10:05 PM), that is where the Avs stand.

UPDATE (clarification) via TSNBobMcKenzie:   Please note free agency period does not begin at midnight tonight, it starts at 12 noon ET Friday.