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Daily Cupcakes- June 8th, 2011


First up, a follow-up, found by RedWingDave Beachie. ;-)

Attention scalpers of NHL tickets -- True North Sports & Entertainment has got you in its crosshairs.
Scott Brown, director of corporate communications for Winnipeg's still-unnamed team, said Monday it has already cancelled a number of season ticket orders from people who didn't want to play by the rules.
"There are a number of checks and balances between now and the seat allocation process. People can be assured if they don't follow the proper steps, we will cancel the transaction," he said.

Hishon was getting made fun of at a recent game against London.

"I saw the sign someone held up in London (in Owen Sound’s first round series against the Knights)," Hishon recalled. "It said Justin Bieber was the 92nd toughest kid from Stratford and I was No. 98.

"That was pretty funny."

One more late entry. Peter Budaj is some sort of paradox or something

If you simply average yearly totals then you're not getting the real picture. That's because when you average percentages you're inadvertently weighting them equally. The true average needs to be weighted according to how many saves were made in each season. It's called Simpson's paradox and it can happen with save %, shooting %, or any other stat that is a percentage. The result: a player can have a better percentage than another player for two (or more) years in a row, but still have a worse percentage over that same time period using the same exact data.