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Final Grade: Ryan O'Reilly

This report card is a joint effort by Beachie, Sandie, Paul, SlamDunktheFunk and DDC. Stats courtesy of and


Final Grade




Final Grade: C+

Midseason Grade: B+

Last Year: B+


  • C 71gp 11g 13a 24pt -6
  • LW 3gp 2g 0a 2pt -1


  • 3rd 52gp 5g 11a 16pt +3
  • 4th 10gp 4g 2a 6pt +2
  • 2nd 9gp 3g 0a 3pt -9
  • 1st 3gp 1g 0a 1pt -3

Vitals: 6'0" / 200 / Age 20 / Shoots L

Drafted by Colorado, 2nd round (33rd) of 2009 draft

Joined Avalanche: Debuted on October 1st, 2009 against San Jose

MHH Nicknames: Radar, ORLY



  • Winnik 31gp 4g 7a 11pt +4
  • McLeod 14gp 3g 4a 7pt -1
  • Porter 9gp 0g 2a 2pt -6
  • Jones 5gp 3g 0a 3pt -3
  • Stoa 4gp 1g 0a 1pt Even
  • Galiardi 4gp 0g 0a 0pt Even
  • Yip 3gp 0g 0a 0pt Even
  • Dupuis 1gp 0g 0a 0pt Even


  • Duchene 1gp 0g 0a 0pt -1
  • Dupuis 1gp 1g 0a 0pt +1
  • Stastny 1gp 1g 0a 0pt -1


  • Winnik 19gp 1g 4a 5pt -6
  • Yip 18gp 2g 4a 6pt +2
  • Mauldin 13gp 4g 4a 8pt +4
  • Koci 7gp 2g 0a 2pt Even
  • Porter 7gp 2g 0a 2pt -4
  • Jones 5gp 1g 0a 0pt -5
  • Hejduk 3gp 0g 0a 0pt -3
  • Dupuis 1gp 1g 1a 2pt +2
  • McClement 1gp 0g 0a 0pt Even

Avs with O'Reilly in the lineup: 28-38-8 (.432 pt%) 2.84GF 3.46 GA

Ice Time:

  • TTOI 16:03 (10th)
  • EV 13:01 (10th)
  • PK 2:24 (3rd)
  • PP 0:37 (13th)


Career Highlights: In his 2nd year in the league, Radar set a new career high for goals (13) and tied his career high for points with 26.

Report: Ryan O'Reilly's sophomore season somehow sidestepped the second-season setbacks suffered spasmodically by peers Brandon Yip, T.J. Galiardi, and even the prodigy himself, Matt Duchene. He was a model of consistency all season. Unfortunately for Radar, who managed appearances in 74 games this season, that consistency was mostly a display of mediocrity as his undeniable defensive wizardry, backed by him finishing in the Top 10 in takeaways in the NHL among forwards for the 2nd year in a row, was yet again beset by very average offensive production. While the MHH standard when the collective approves of a player is to point the crooked finger at his linemates, O'Reilly's production even when given a Top 6 role at the end of the season was ultimately underwhelming. Negativity aside, the Avalanche have a real keeper in O'Reilly and front office big whigs have repeatedly stationed him alongside Duchene and Erik Johnson as primary building blocks as the team moves forward. Whether O'Reilly's offensive game ever progresses to a level where more Top 6 minutes are justified remains to be seen but his defensive game is already light years ahead of where most players his age are. While not a huge leap forward in development, this season was in essence a victory, albeit a small one.

Fun Fact: O'Reilly was the 1st overall pick in the 2007 OHL draft, an honor previously held by Steven Stamkos, John Tavares, former Nordique, the late Bryan Fogarty and that douchebag Eric Lindros

The O'Reilly Drinking Game: Drink every time 2009 32nd overall pick Landon Ferraro scores a goal for the Red Wings Drunk potential: Slim.

What We Said Last YearRadar certainly hit a wall offensively after actually leading Matt Duchene in points early in the season. However, where he really shined was in the defensive zone. He ate up time on the pk and wound up being the go to guy for defensive zone faceoffs throughout much of the season, though his face off percentage wasn't exactly glowing.

2010 Cap Hit: $900,000

2011 Status: Signed for one more year (RFA at expiry)

Outlook for Next Season: When O'Reilly was drafted, the "book" on him was that he would be solid defensively and that his intangibles (work ethic, determination, great hair) would be fantastic. Offense was a different story though, as opinions differed on whether he would develop into a great offensive player. We've always felt that the Avs are very high on O'Reilly, even before they traded for Jay McClement (who would potentially replace him as 3rd line center) and before Joe Sakic singled out O'Reilly (but not Paul Stastny) as one of the team's building blocks. And, we think the Avalanche would feel comfortable enough with O'Reilly as a #2 center to move Stastny (to Toronto along with all of our draft picks for a bunch of junky players they don't want). Radar did look good in limited time on the top 2 lines last year...but the 4 points in 12 games is pretty much right on track with this career scoring rate from the 3rd line. But we're totally going to keep an open mind, mostly because of the hair.

Next Up: T.J. Galiardi