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Daily Cupcakes - June 9th, 2011


First up, I wanna give props to AndiDee. You made it to the big times! SB Nation ran your article as one of the highlights! Congrats!

From Our Editors

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You know, I've kinda stopped reading the Bleacher Report. I rarely even go to the site nowadays. However this headline *made* me have to go. They rated the Top 23 Mullets! How can that not be Awesome Sauce? Jagr wasn't even listed in the top spot!

Thick, luscious and gravity-defying, Jaromir Jagr's mullet will forever be a staple of the history of hockey hair.

And just for you guys, Boston Won!

The Boston Bruins have taken advantage of home ice and Roberto Luongo, earning a 4-0 victory to even their series with the Vancouver Canucks at two games apiece.

Any links that you guys can/ want to provide that'd be awesome.