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Free Agency Frenzy Thread


This is it. We should find out who our new goalies are in just a matter of hours. Will they go big with Vokoun or will the Avs pull a surprise and snatch up a name that hasn't been bandied about much (sup, Alex Auld)? Drop in here for all the days action as the Free Agency period opens for business and the floodgates are opened on the Rangers next big money mistake(s) and Brian Burke's newest overrated player.

Any and all updates throughout the day will go in here. I'll be keeping track of our Northwest Division foes as well so any signings/trades that go through today regarding any of them will also be updated here. Any Avalanche signings will be placed here as well as a separate story tossed up on the front page as soon as we receive confirmation of the signing(s).

In order to allow people to jump in a bit easier to the thread whenever they want, an overflow thread will created when the 1K comment mark is reached. The original thread will be locked, preventing any new comments, and all discussion will need to go in the overflow thread. Overflow threads will be linked in the original as well as go on the front page.

Please let this go well.