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Daily Cupcakes- July 11th

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CBS Sports takes a look at the average of number of goals that were scored per game last year.

If you like a lot of goals, the Colorado Avalanche were definitely the team to watch. In their case, as well as teams like the Islanders and Thrashers, they appear so high on the list because they allowed a ton of goals, not necessarily because they scored a lot. So while their games were lighting up the scoreboard, it probably wasn't the type of excitement you wanted to see if you were a fan of one of those clubs.

TSN is running a blog this week about violence in sports. What's your take?  The last sentence in the quote sure struck a chord with me.

Far quieter than the noise being made about the state of violence in sport entertainment is the fact that the sports that deliver the most violence are also the fastest trending sports among avid fans in Canada - football, hockey and mixed martial arts.

And it's not just violent sports that appeal to us, it's also some most violent athletes within those sports because they do things we simply can't imagine doing ourselves.

Take any football or hockey team and the two most popular players are usually the superstar player and the tough guy, with the tough guy often being the true fan favourite.

I love hearing about NHL'ers giving back, and helping the community, Daniel Winnik was one of the players that attended the charity event.

The money raised on Wednesday from Quispamsis native Randy Jones' third annual charity golf tournament is going to make the lives of some sick children a little bit easier - and could even save the lives of some sick babies.

The NHL player's Golf Fore Kids Sake Tournament, which took place at the Riverside Country Club in Rothesay, raised $109,800 for the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

The money will go to the pediatric care unit to support the Breathe Easy project for children with respiratory problems as well as the local pediatric diabetes clinic.