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Avalanche Sign D Shane O'Brien

The Avalanche have confirmed they have signed D Shane O'Brien, formerly of the Nashville Predators, Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Anaheim Ducks.

O'Brien has totaled 64 points in 379 career games. I have no idea what this signing means other than the Avs really like bottom-pairing defensemen.

Details of the deal essentially consist of "one year contract" right now with terms still not yet released.

"We are pleased to have Shane under contract," said Avalanche General Manager/Executive Vice President Greg Sherman. "He adds depth and brings an element to our defense."

I'm as of yet unsure what "brings an element to our defense" means so I'll just assume the quote is missing a word or two.

Glovetap to c0nquistad0rian for the fanshot.