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Daily Cupcakes - July 19th, 2011

One of the best parts of winning the Stanley Cup, is that each player gets to pend a day with the Cup. On the weekend Nathan Horton had to wait for his time with the Cup, as it didn't get checked in on time. That couldn't have been much fun for him.

The Bruins forward had planned on spending a good chunk of his day with the Stanley Cup amongst well-wishers and fans at a downtown park in Dunnville, Ont., Sunday but, well, the big mug missed its flight from Boston.

With 6,000 people gathered in the park to get a glimpse of the Cup, a sheepish Horton arrived empty-handed about 90 minutes late. Ol' Stanley didn't show up in Dunnville until mid-afternoon, after the parade in its honour had already run its course.


Colorado Avalanche's very own Deadmarsh holds the title of having his name be the first to be corrected once on the Cup.

In 1996, Colorado Avalanche's Adam Deadmarsh's last name was spelled "Deadmarch". It was later corrected, marking the first correction on the Cup.


If there is one thing to learn, the Cup does not float and, as such, should not be used as a flotation device in a drunken stupor.

In 1991, The Cup was found at the bottom of Pittsburgh Penguin Mario Lemieux's swimming pool. (Lemieux also once brought the Cup with him to bed.)

The Cup also lay at the bottom of Patrick Roy's pool.