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Daily Cupcakes - July 21st, 2011

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The folks over at Puck Daddy made me a sad panda.

Colorado Avalanche: Joe Sakic(notes) shot a hole-in-one at a celebrity golf tournament on Sunday and that was officially the best thing anyone on the Avalanche has done so far in 2011.


You may have heard me talk about this musical... some of the lyrics were pretty funny, but it was a train wreck funny. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 69%, not too shabby.

'Score: A Hockey Musical' is exactly what its title suggests: a musical about hockey.

So what's your favorite hockey movie?


Dater has an article about the best team he's ever covered, I'll give you a hint, it was the Avs and a year that they won the Cup.

You know those newspaper front pages that players hold up right after they've won a championship, the ones that make you think "How the heck did they print those so fast?" When the Avalanche won Game 7 against New Jersey to take the Stanley Cup in 2001, representatives of my newspaper, The Denver Post, distributed them to as many players and fans as they thought could hold them up in front of the ABC cameras.

Ryan Wilson is keeping busy this week.

NHL defenceman Ryan Wilson and his friends are offering summer camp with an edge this week at Tecumseh Arena.

Wilson along with Wes O'Neill and Scott Knowles have expanded their once-a-week format into a five-day hockey school aimed at improving skills and skating.

"I just want to try and stay healthy and be part of the top six (defencemen) in the lineup every day," Wilson said,