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Daily Cupcakes - July 25th-Sharing is Caring Edition

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Yeah, I've got nothing about hockey, what I do have is a thirst for knowledge about you guys!!!

So... what are five things we should know about you?! Or five interesting/odd facts about you?


1.I got into hockey despite my immediate family not really being into the sport, one of my cousins probably had the most influence in this aspect, because he was the "cool" one.

2. If I were to send a secret to PostSecret, it would be that I judge people based on the name that appears on their jerseys.

3. My favorite childhood movie was LionHeart, yeah the one with JCVD.

4. I hope to go and watch a game in every arena.

5. I'm a huge klutz, a few of my friends gave me the name Collette, because the video game character from Tales of Symphonia (one of my favorite games) is just as big of a klutz. I fall up stairs, and fell down a waterfall on my trip to Jamaica.

What about you!?