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Training Camp Dates

kyle Quincey in training camp 2010.
kyle Quincey in training camp 2010.

I was watching Altitude early this morning and saw a post-draft special on the Avalanche. (I can't find another showing of it anywhere. It had some interviews with the players and Pracey I hadn't seen before. Hopefully, the Avs will put it up on their website like they did with the pre-draft special. If anyone has a link to it, please post it!) Anyway, at the end of it, they listed important dates coming up, including training camp. That's something else I haven't seen anywhere.

For those who are interested, camp will take place from Sept. 17-19, 2011 at the Family Sports Center in Centennial. They did not list the times although last year, camp was in the morning from 9-11:30. I suspect it will be similar this year. There wasn't word about any type of rookie camp in the days preceding training camp like they had last season (two days). As soon as more information comes in, we will of course pass it along.