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Daily Cupcakes July 6th, 2011

I'm ba-ack... did you miss me? As I thought, you didn't even know I was gone. I want to thank A.J. for doing such a great job with the Cupcakes in my absence yesterday. It was also so great that he jumped aboard my Cupcakes last week. His insight was awesome, and appreciated, thanks Bubs, you are the bestest!

I've been missing in action for a few days now, my igloo melted into a lake! It was all kinds of awful, but now the igloo is fixed, and I have access to the Internet once again. I missed you guys and gals. Not only that, but I missed a super busy, and fun weekend. I trust that you all had a great weekend and stayed relatively safe and healthy.  Because I missed both Canada Day and Independence Day (be honest, how many indulged in some Will Smith action?) I thought I'd give a couple links (both of these have some NSFW language- so use headphones, people!). First, an Ode to Canada and then, we all know it's Canada's fault, right?

First up, as Cheryl pointed out to me, Joey Hishon   (Twitter) and Matt Duchene (Twitter) have joined forces, trying to pressure Stefan Elliott into joining Twitter. Let's get this going, and get all the Avalanche members on Twitter. Can the Avalanche be the first team to have the majority of its players on Twitter?


 chillin with my roomy stefan elliott and @Matt9Duchene trying to talk stef into getting twitter lets get him going! #rook


Speaking of Elliott, let's talk about the "Other Elliott",Brian Elliott,  shall we?

Several goaltending options jumped off the board following the July 1st deadline, so the Blues decided to go with the former member of the Colorado Avalanche and Ottawa Senators. While his career is still in the early stages, Elliott has seen both the highs and lows of being a goaltender in the NHL.


And has an article talking about the rest of the UFA's available.


Karlis Skrastins Dallas 74 GP: 3-5-8 Turns 37 this week but would be good bottom-pair defenseman on the right team


Andrew Ladd just signed a five year deal with the Winnipeg Jets.

The only development that could have slowed the juggernaut of excitement in Winnipeg since the Jets returned would have been if Andrew Ladd decided to play hardball in his contract negotiations.

Ladd has a tremendous amount of respect around the league. He was named captain of the relocated franchise last season. He has two Stanley Cup rings in only six NHL seasons and a 2005 world junior championship with Canada.


And MacLeans has a look at why the rioters in Vancouver will go unpunished.

But the issue isn’t solely administrative. Although this will surely go down as the world’s best documented riot, some of the hundreds of thousands of photos submitted anonymously to police may be inadmissable as evidence. "In court, you have to be able to call a witness who took the video or picture," says Shapray.

Brock Anton, who became an Internet meme after bragging about his alleged exploits on Facebook—apparently admitting to burning a police car and assaulting an officer—may next become an example of someone who gets off scot free, unless credible witnesses come forward to testify, says Shapray.