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Daily Cupcakes- August 15th, 2011

So I'm afraid I have what might be some bad news...

Hishon, a first-round pick of the Colorado Avalanche last year, says there are still effects from time to time from his injury.

"I still feel something the odd time (from the concussion)," Hishon said. "I've worked out this summer but haven't skated."

He's heading to Colorado Aug. 18 to continue training. Avs' camp opens Sept. 17.

"Colorado is deep at centre," said Hishon. "My only goal is to make the team. I'll do anything I can to stay up there."

Well, things could have been interesting if he had chosen not to go.

During the summer of 1986, Joe Sakic wasn’t sure if he wanted to come to Swift Current.
The Burnaby, B.C., native was debating whether he wanted to move to the Broncos in the smallest market in the Canadian Hockey League. After spending a few days in southwest Saskatchewan, Sakic came to like the area.

"It’s an incredible feeling," said Sakic, who is eighth on the NHL’s all-time scoring list with 1,641 regular season points. "I was a Swift Current Bronco when we first started in 1986 and spent two years here. I met my wife here and we have three kids and we come back here every year. It’s just a great place and we have great memories here. I had two incredible years here."

You know sometimes Google surprises me... this one is a not in a good way. Garrett hasn't played since this incident and had, as you imagine, a great many injuries.

The British Columbia government is suing the former owners of a Delta, B.C., nightclub and Delta police in a bid to recover health-care costs for a former NHL player seriously injured during an assault at the club.

In December 2006, while a patron at the Cheers Nightclub, Garrett Burnett was struck on the head with a bar stool brandished by one or more patrons. He was knocked unconscious and spent the next 20 days in a coma and four months recovering in hospital.

Burnett, 35, played 39 games for the NHL's Anaheim Mighty Ducks (now called the Anaheim Ducks) during the 2003-04 season.

Finally, the Avalanche will have some kiosks this upcoming season to see if any Avs fans would be willing to become bone-marrow donors.  I was watching the Draft a couple years back, and I wish I could remember his name, one of the Draftees looked in the camera and asked people to consider it. Pretty heavy stuff for an eighteen year old.

This year at Avs and Nuggets games, a public-service announcement will be delivered in 30-second spots from the cast of "Saturday Night Live."

And it looks like if you are matched, it's not that painful of a process.

Today, 70 percent to 80 percent of donations are peripheral blood stem cells, collected by removing blood from one arm and returning it the other after processing. Marrow tissue accounts for 20 percent to 30 percent of donations and is collected using a needle to draw cells from the pelvic bone under local anesthetic.

EDIT: The player's name was Jaden Schwartz, and sadly although his sister did get a bone marrow donation, she passed away earlier this year. (Thanks to Go Avs and Mavs for having a superior memory than mine.)

And the question today comes from A.J.: who is your favorite villain be it movie, book, tv show, music industry. No hockey players though. Who do you love to hate?