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Daily Cupcakes- Getting to Know the Staff

DENVER CO - FEBRUARY 23:  Erik Johnson #6 of the Colorado Avalanche looks on during warm ups prior to facing the Edmonton Oilers at the Pepsi Center on February 23 2011 in Denver Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
DENVER CO - FEBRUARY 23: Erik Johnson #6 of the Colorado Avalanche looks on during warm ups prior to facing the Edmonton Oilers at the Pepsi Center on February 23 2011 in Denver Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
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During the off-season, we've been getting to know you a bit more and have had awesome discussions because of this. This week you can learn more about the MHH staff through a series of questions. Today's guinea pig is the newest member to join the staff list, Andidee. She shares insight as to what makes her love the sport.

What attracted you to hockey? Does your family have a passion for it, was it always the Avalanche that you liked?

My dad is the one that exposed me to hockey.  I grew up in a basketball household (he coached high school b-ball for many seasons) so that was my only sport for a long time.  But during my junior and senior year of high school, he started watching some hockey too.  We went to an Air Force game, and I was amazed at how a game could be so fast, so beautiful, and so brutal all at the same time.  I started watching a few more games, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this past season that I really started to watch the Avs religiously.  Dad and I text/call each other during games so it became a way to stay in touch, but I also fell in love with hockey itself – it has everything I love about basketball plus so much more – and with the young, exciting Avs team.  I absolutely love that our team is built around two completely amazing players that are really, really close to my age (Duchene is less than 3 months younger than I am and O’Reilly is less than 4).  So even though I started watching the Avs because they were my "hometown" team, I kept watching because of their current core players.  I can’t imagine cheering for anyone else.

What about MHH? How'd you find it, what kept you here? How'd you become part of the staff?  What is your favorite part of MHH?

How’d I find MHH?  That’s easy.  Foppa guided me here.  Even though I didn’t grow up watching hockey, I’m sure almost every kid that grew up in Colorado in the late 90’s/early ‘00s knew who Peter Forsberg was.  So when I heard he was coming back, I started searching the internet for any and all updates because I couldn’t wait to see him play.  That’s how I came across MHH.  I started my lurking in January, and joined a week after he left.  As for the staff, I was promoted after my run of Tank photoshops and articles, particularly one on seamless glass.  And my favorite part of MHH?  Well, besides the fact it’s pretty much the one place I can talk Avs hockey 24/7 without annoying people, I love the other random side discussions and all the general hockey knowledge I’ve picked up.  I’ve learned so much random stuff since joining.

What are you looking forward to the most about this up-coming season?

I’m excited to see our young core grow, both in numbers (Landeskog, Varly and possibly Hishon, Elliott, or Barrie) and in experience.  And I’m also looking forward to being able to point at the rest of the hockey world and go "HAHA you idiots!  YOU WERE WRONG!"  It should be an exciting year.

Who is your "sleeper" pick for the 2012 season?

Besides the Avs?  Probably the Devils.  Parise coming back is going to be a huge help for them.  And possibly the Panthers.  They basically have a new team – could be interesting to see how that all pans out.

What are some nicknames you go by?

Andi is a nickname, but honestly, that’s about the only one I have.  Or at least the only one I’m sharing on the internet :) 

Your favorite player? Is there one guy that you could just watch for hours and not get bored?

Forsberg.  Cliché, yes, but still true.  His stick handling and gritty 2-way play were downright godly.  (As were his eyes, but that’s another story)

All Star weekend yay or nay?

Yay.  It’s fun to watch.  Even though it can be kinda gimmicky at times, it’s still a lot of fun seeing all of the big names in the NHL in one place.  I also like the draft concept.  It evens out the teams talent-wise, even though I think the draft itself is a bit over-hyped.  The skills compition is cool too, and I really liked watching the game.  I’m looking forward to next year and hope quite a few of the Avs are invited.

Your favorite hockey book?

Hockey…. book?  There are hockey books?!?  I totally have to get on this!

Outside of MHH, what's your favorite website?

IMDb.  I’m a total movie junkie.  I’m also on facebook and Wikipedia quite a bit.  

During the offseason what is your favorite thing to do?

Besides complain about it being the offseason?  Um… probably watching movies.  I’m literally at the theater once a week from the beginning of May until the end of August.  At any given time during those months, I can tell you what’s playing with brief plot outline and IMDb and Rotten Tomato rating for each of them.  And when I’m not watching movies in theaters, I’m watching older ones at home.  I love me my cinema and I’m always looking for recommendations.

What is your favorite hockey movie?

Miracle.  Not only is a good hockey movie, it also is a snapshot of the nation at that time.  I’m a big US history fan (if I had to switch majors, I’d probably go to American History), so it combined two of my favorite things.  I love the characters and always find myself anxious during the US/USSR Olympic game even though I know what happens.  It’s one of my favorite movies in general, and held that status even before I really got into hockey.  Basically, the film was well written, well acted, and well scored (it’s hard to go wrong with Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, and Mark Isham) and interesting and deeply meaningful on more than one level.  What’s not to love?

The thing you want to know most about another staff member?

Dave – Red Wings players?  Seriously?  Why?   


There you have it folks, you've learned a bit more insight into the world of Andi. How does it feel? Do you feel special? Tomorrow's Cupcakes will be showcasing the lovely Beachie Nurse Beachie Cheryl.