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MHH New Logo Contest


MHH's overlords have conferred and decided that we'd like to explore the possibility of a new logo for the site. What's the site's current logo you ask? It's that picture up in the left hand corner of the site of the dude skating on Mary Poppins boots with matching mittens in front of a giant pile of cocaine. Some of us feel pretty strongly that the logo needs a fresher, more current vibe to go with the massive roster turnover on the team, the new blood on the site, and the fact that some of us have never liked the original logo. So in classic Mile High Hockey fashion we've decided to have our extremely talented membership do the work for us!  To that end, we've come up with an awesome logo contest.  The OFFICIAL RULES for the contest are located here and I direct anybody considering entering the contest to read them in full. Join us after the jump for the full story...

Here's the short version of the rules:

  1. Submit your logo candidate via my email address (Mike @ MHH) at the bottom of the page. Submissions via comments, Fanshots, Fanposts, to other members of the editorial/writing staff, to other SBN blogs, via USPS, carrier pigeon, indentured red-headed supermodel, etc. will not be considered.
  2. Those submitting a logo candidate must be members in good standing (Hi Thomas!) of Mile High Hockey.
  3. All new logo candidates have to be submitted by 10 pm ET of the 19st day of the 9th month (Sept. 19, 2011) for consideration.
  4. The top three candidates chosen by the editorial/writing staff will be unveiled on Sept. 21st. We may even have a poll to see what the most popular candidate is!! Exciting!
  5. Your votes will definitely factor into the decision, but ultimately an extremely lopsided consideration will be given to the editorial/writing staff's opinions (Joe's vote counts for 33 votes).
  6. We'll announce the winner (if there is one) on October 7th and (hopefully) roll out the new logo for Opening Night on the 8th!!
  7. The winner will receive internet immortality in the form of a blurb in our "About This Blog" box on the front page, some Arby's Gift Certificates (purchased by yours truly), a coffee mug commerating one of MHH's awesome memes, and an Avalanche T-shirt.
  8. All submissions (winners and losers) become the property of MHH and SBN upon submission. This means that you won't get a cut of the 10's of dollars the site makes off of t-shirt and bumper sticker sales.

As for the logo design itself, here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • The logo should be evocative of ice hockey, Denver and/or Colorado, the MHH community, the Mile High Hockey name, and of course, the Avalanche, not necessarily in that order.
  • The logo CANNOT contain any copyrighted material: therefore no use of the Colorado Avalanche logos, wordmarks, etc.
  • The logo CAN contain original artwork, photos, etc. or any open-source materiel.
  • Submit the logo in .jpg or .gif file format for easy posting/viewing.
  • The logo should work well in conjunction with the current site colors and aesthetic. We aren't revamping the whole site, just the logo. I know Carolina blue is awesome, but it's not gonna look good amongst all the burgundy and not-quite-pink on our current site template.
  • Feel free to submit thumbnail versions (that are used throughout the SBN sites) of your logo IN ADDITION to you actual logo submission if you think it will help sway voting!
  • Take a look around the other SBN websites and see how logos are done throughout the network. There are some obvious winners and losers. Try to emulate the winners.
  • Logos that incorporate Howler will move to the top of my personal list...(of course, such an image would be ineligible due to trademark infringement, but whatever).

So there you go! Get those creative juices flowing and start working on those submissions to replace our current Traylor Arnason-based logo.  Questions can be directed to the comment section, and although any answers I give may be totally contradictory, incomprehensible, and/or utter bullshit, you'll still be bound by the OFFICIAL RULES.  Thanks in advance, guys and gals. I trust you will do great work and kick off the upcoming season in high style.