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Top 10 Ways to Know You're an Avs Fan

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It probably doesn't happen often, but there may be an occasion when you question whether or not you really are a fan of the Colorado Avalanche. You may say to yourself, "Are they really my favorite team? It's been pretty rough rooting for them the last few years." Well, there is a litmus test to check your level of Avalanche fanaticism. For example, if you expect to see a yeti when the Coyotes' mascot is introduced or your lucky numbers are 19, 21 and 33, you're definitely an Avs fan.

So take a gander, and If you find yourself nodding or smiling sheepishly because you've done one or more of these things, rest easy. Your love for the team is intact.

10. You serve burgundy and blue beer on St. Patrick's Day.

9. You see the word "avalanche" and wonder why it's not capitalized.

8. You think of Cody McLeod's toothless grin every time an octopus is thrown on the ice.

7. When someone mentions the term "fist pump," you picture Matt Duchene.

6. You immediately dislike anyone wearing Red Wing shoes.

5. You think the History Channel is going to have a special on Forsberg when they advertise the show "The Life of Peter the Great."

4. Your second favorite team on any given night is the one playing Detroit.

3. Whenever you see a snowblower, you want to kick its ass.

2. You get annoyed when people call them the 'Lanche, Aves or AVS.

and the top way to know you're an Avs Fan is

1. Whenever you see the name Roy, you pronounce it "wah." (You know you just did it!)